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Denis Wood: The Power of Maps

by Tim Stallmann, Tim Stallmann 05.02.2011

Cartographer Denis Wood talks with Tim Stallmann about making maps and about his new book, Everything Sings more »

Our 2011 Theme Issue: MAPS

by Fringe Magazine, Fringe Magazine 09.06.2010

Fringe seeks submissions for its fifth anniversary theme issue: MAPS.

Like the best writing, maps show us the world and also tell us about it. On a literal level, they tell us where we’re coming from, show us what we’re headed toward, and in the modern age, lay out the most efficient route to get us where we’re going. They can reveal far more than geographical truth — take Charles Joseph Minard’s map of Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow, which uses geography, temperature, time, and army size to tell the story, or the Beehive Collective’s graphic representing colonialism in the Andes, or our map of the human genome. Maps can be literal (atlases, highway maps, directions one stranger draws for another), virtual (Google Maps, GPS, tag clouds), and political (urban food deserts, “unspecified locations,” geographical privilege, red-state-blue-state maps). And of course, maps delineate the areas about which we know nothing, the spaces in which imagination has free reign—Here there be dragons.

Submissions close January 5, 2011. Please follow our guidelines, and add “Maps” to your subject line.

Some sites to get you thinking about the possibilities for this theme:

Denis Wood, cartographer
Info Aesthetics, “Where form follows data”
Edward Tufte, theorist of information design
Radical Cartography
Counter Cartographies Collective
The... more »

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