Issue 35, Final Fringe


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Chuck Taylor

Issue 16 Issue 16

Chuck Taylor has published one novel, Drifter’s Story, and two collections of stories, Lights of the City: Stories from Austin, and Somebody to Love. He has been married three times and has three children. He lives in College Station and teaches at Texas A&M University.

Molly Tenenbaum

Issue 27 Issue 27

Molly Tenenbaum is the author of Now (Bear Star Press, 2007), By a Thread (Van West & Co., 2000), and several chapbooks. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals: look for new and forthcoming work in Cutbank, Poetry Northwest, Tri-Quarterly Online, and Willow Springs. Honors include a 2007 residency at Hedgebrook, participation in the 2007 Jack Straw Writer’s program,  and a 2009 Washington State Artist Trust Fellowship. She plays Appalachian stringband music and has two CDs: Instead of a Pony and Goose and Gander. She teaches English at North Seattle Community College, and music at home in Seattle. Find her at

Michael Thurston

Issue 9 Issue 9

Michael Thurston’s fiction has appeared in Confrontation, Knock, Quick Fiction, and Southeast Review. He teaches at Smith College in Northampton, Mass.

Dianne Timblin

Issue 30 Issue 30

Dianne Timblin lives, writes, and edits in Durham, North Carolina. Her poetry has appeared in Talisman, Phoebe, Rivendell, Fanzine, and Foursquare, among other journals. Most recently, her poem “Glockenspiel Songbook” was translated into Spanish by Dayana Fraile and Guillermo Parra for Dayana’s popular Venezuelan literary blog, Eternal Typewriter. Dianne has been a finalist for the Brenda Smart Poetry Prize, and her work was selected for the Poetry at Noon reading series at the U.S. Library of Congress. She is currently at work on a group of poems that dwell on mythology and dreaming.

Emma Törzs

Issue 27 Issue 27

Emma Törzs grew up in Massachusetts, wrote this essay while she was living in Minnesota, and has since moved to Montana, where she lives by the river and is pursuing her MFA in fiction at the University in Missoula. Her work has appeared in publications such as Fiction at Work, elimae, Monkeybicycle, and is forthcoming in ABJECTIVE.

Jennifer Trudeau

Issue 5 Issue 5

Jennifer Trudeau holds a BA from U-Michigan (Ann Arbor) and a Master’s from USC. The author of Left-handed Morpheus (true stories and essays) and Haunted Mad Girl (poetry) is currently finishing The Bible of Hell, her first novel.  Her writing has won two Hopwood awards, and she has new short fiction forthcoming in Storyglossia this fall. Jennifer keeps a blog at The picture was taken by her husband, wildlife photographer Richard Kolakovich.

Dean Marshall Tuck

Issue 27 Issue 27

Dean Marshall Tuck is a writer of fiction, an advisory editor for Tar River Poetry, an English instructor at East Carolina University, and a performing singer/songwriter:  His work has been featured in SmokeLong Quarterly, Night Train, elimae, Staccato Fiction, IBX Lifestyles Magazine, and is forthcoming in Zone 3 and in Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine.

J. A. Tyler

Issue 23 Issue 23

J. A. Tyler is the author of seven novel(la)s including the recently released INCONCEIVABLE WILSON (Scrambler Books, 2009) and the forthcoming A MAN OF GLASS & ALL THE WAYS WE HAVE FAILED (Fugue State Press, 2011). He is founding editor of Mud Luscious Press and is also on the editorial staffs of Dzanc Books, Rumble, BigOther, and Tarpaulin Sky. For more, visit: